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✖ Winter, being cold, public transport, chimps, mornings.
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This is my tumblr, it's a complete mess of art I've done & things I like & fangirling. For the other, more sensible, blog see here

Decided to do Inktober & theme my pictures around Horror movies/Halloween. #01 is the awesome Nancy Thompson, one of my all-time favourite movies characters, from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I am so out of practice with my brush pen.

Awesome time at J-Con Derby on Saturday! Thank you everyone who stopped by my table : ) Was nice to see arty friends & meet new ones too!

My table set up was pretty much the same as my CamCon one, except with more emphasis on legionofkats on the right side there. I look SO like I hadn’t had enough tea yet.

Bottom photo is LOOOOT! Clockwise from top left: zombie-octopus, hoshi-kou, crosshatchink, elizabethbladesart, jelliebeenews, blue-fayt

Was great to see @naniiebim, chaotica-chan (I can’t find your tumblrz?) & ubermidget & meet trickywagon & annciel7 too! :D

That was my last con for this year, I’m all conned out.
 (Oh, except Sonic the Comic Con in October, where I’ll be fangirling.)

Mini-comic assembly line :)




Glad to see the teeny-tiny fan there, making sure yer pig don’t overheat



Here’s my final for my Time Arts class. I wrote a comic about my Kenyan sand boa, Boo. 

I love this so fucking much


WIPs and the final version of “Let’s go to the Beach, EACH!”

Loved working on this!

Love seeing your work progress! Your marker work is so vibrant! *0*
 (and your lines are so clean why)


pigeon beats

Heart Beats by tea-bug

At the moment, I like drawing girls with glitter eyeshadow : ) (there is glitter all over the house, in the scanner, everywhere ~ ahah.. ^^’)
My pink markers found their way out again…

Pink card + markers + white pencil crayon + white ink pen + glitter
This original artwork is for sale:

Chibi Trio Commission for Mewa-Chu by tea-bug
Chibi commission for Mewa—Chu on DA! Loved drawing her cute characters!
Markers + edited in Pixlr
Commission info here:

Pink Lace by tea-bug
Recent elf-princess : )
Markers + white ink pen + edited with Pixlr express

Sketch of a random girl with some kind of 80’s big hair style : )



Being good to each other is so important, guys.

And now something happier. Everyone be nice to each other. You never know.

Love this so much : )



I lost my shit in class today because I was looking through this binder that the professor had that had different kinds of masks and under the “commedia” section it had this


sir that aint no italian theature that’s an excalibur cosplay


FAO drazzi & creatoremagico